About Pierce Crowley, Rye New York

Pierce Crowley, a resident of Rye, New York, attends Rye High School and plays on the school’s varsity basketball and varsity lacrosse teams. His athletic career has provided him a number of opportunities to volunteer with various community groups in Rye and nearby villages. Along with other players from the Rye High School basketball team, for example, Pierce Crowley served at the Port Chester Nursing Home and assisted the organization’s elderly residents. His time on the lacrosse team, meanwhile, provided opportunities to coach the sport in the Rye Youth Lacrosse (RYL) league and at the Head Heart Hustle (HHH) summer camp. The RYL league, comprised of children between fourth and eighth grade, recognized him as one of the league’s best coaches in the spring of 2013.

When he is not playing sports or studying, Pierce Crowley enjoys fishing for bluefish and watching sitcoms such as Brooklyn 99. He is a member of the Resurrection Church and maintains considerable interest in a number of environmental and inner-city issues.


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